The Festival presents concerts by individual performing groups and also workshops.  A workshop focuses on a particular topic and is presented by a panel of singers and musicians who are on the stage at the same time.  A host will introduce the panel and guide the workshop.


SONGS OF CANADA – Host: Maura Volante

Saturday noon – 1 pm, Museum Stage

From songs of the lumbering camps of the Ottawa Valley and the west coast to centuries-old ballads from the Atlantic Provinces, this workshop will take you on a cross-Canada journey in song. Today’s singers are Jon Bartlett & Rika Ruebsaat, Bob Bossin, Linda Chobotuck, Rideau Rounders and Ian Robb.


IRISH SESSION – Host: Brian Robertson

Saturday 12:30 – 1:30 pm Vermilion Stage

Put a bunch of passionate Celtic fiddlers, guitar players, flautists, pipers, and the like on stage together and see what happens! 



Saturday 2:30 – 3:30 pm Museum Stage

While CEOs and corporations float in a stratosphere of riches, much of the world struggles on the ground just trying to get by. Everywhere, including Canada, the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider each day and the weather is getting weirder. Before you get too depressed about it, take heart in these songs that speak of the struggle for a better world. Today’s singers are Bob Bossin, Linda Chobotuck, Madeleine & Jim, Mike & Nakos and Ian Robb.



Saturday 4 – 5 pm Library

The Vancouver Folk Song Society, a sister organization to the Princeton Traditional Music Society, celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2019. This session will feature performances and reminiscences by new and long-time VFSS members.


THE BLUES – Host: Barry Truter

Saturday 4:30 – 5:30 pm Vermilion Stage

Emerging from the field calls and chants of slavery days, the Blues became a popular commercial music among blacks in the 1920’s and 30’s until it eventually spilled over to embrace us all.  Sharing this music today are Robert Bertrand, Jook Joint Jokers, Mike & Nakos, Henk Piket and Barry Truter.


TRADITIONAL BALLADS from the Child Collection – Host: Chris Roe

Sunday 11 am – noon Museum Stage

Ballads are songs that tell stories.  Traditional ballads are ones that have been passed down over hundreds of years telling stories of love, murder and passion.  Today’s balladeers are Rosaleen Gregory, Tim Hall, Tim Jenkins, Ian Robb and Chris Roe 


SHANTY SESSION – host: Simon Trevelyan

Sunday 1:00 – 1:45 pm Gazebo next to Vermilion Stage 

In the days of the tall ships sailors used to sing songs called “shanties” while they worked.  Shanties provided the rhythm that went with a particular job as well as giving sailors extra “oomph” to raise a sail or haul up the anchor. They’re great fun to sing along with, so join the throng under the gazebo! 



 Sunday 3 - 4 pm Museum Stage

We are blessed this year with a wealth of free reed musicians. You will hear concertinas, harmonicas, button accordions, piano accordions and melodeons.  Today’s musicians are Graham Baldwin, Robert Bertrand, Peter Brunning, Ian Robb, Chris Roe and Jenny White.