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This year’s Princeton Traditional Music Festival will feature four performers who are coming all the way from the Ottawa valley to share their music.

Rideau Rounders from Ottawa consists of Maura Volante and Ranald Thurgood who sing traditional folk songs primarily from Canada. At this year’s Festival they will concentrate on songs from Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Ballads, work songs and light-hearted ditties collected by folklorists such as Edith Fowke, Helen Creighton and Sandy Ives are brought to life by the warm expressive, hearty voices of these two veteran folk singers.

Self-described “singer and writer of old songs” and concertina player extraordinaire, Ian Robb started singing English folk songs during the 1960s British folk scare. He emigrated to Ontario in 1970, gravitated to Toronto’s Fidder’s Green coffeehouse and was an original member of The Friends of Fiddler’s Green singing group. He moved to Ottawa in 1973, co-founded the city’s Old Sod Folk Music Society and with the harmony trio Finest Kind toured extensively across North America and the UK. In 2005 he was the recipient of the first Canadian Folk Music Award for “Best Traditional Singer,” for his recording with the band Jiig. We welcome Ian to his first appearance at the Festival.

As a teenager Nev Miller from Gloucester, Ontario, attended the local folk club every week. This was in the north of England and the experience has informed his musical pursuits ever since. He started performing in the early 1980s before moving to Ottawa in 1982. He regularly attended Ottawa’s song circle singing a capella -- mainly traditional English folk songs. He now has a repertoire of about 200 songs from the English-speaking world – sea songs, shanties, work songs, love songs and ballads. Nev currently hosts the monthly “Folk at the Oak” in Ottawa.

It is a testament to the good times at the Princeton Traditional Music Festival that these people choose to travel such a long distance to be here. Beginning on Friday, August 16 at 6 pm everyone can join in the fun at the opening ceremony and street dance on Veterans’ Square. On Saturday and Sunday there will be non-stop music from 10 am until 6 pm. Hear everything from brass bands, banjos and blues to accordions and a capella singing.

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